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We offer professional certification for each of our courses. You will be recognized for your excellence. You will know how to use the most current interventions. This will assist you in getting the best results and help you to cope with the challenges of the post COVID-19 world. We understand the challenges of mental health professionals and our training focuses on maximizing success while minimizing burnout.
Our teaching method
Our proprietary teaching method is as interesting as it is informative. No boring slide shows. Our teaching method is second to none, It combines high production value videos with targeted reading assignments, and quizzes designed to teach - not punish. All materials are provided, nothing to buy. Study where and when you like. And the best part, it's all usable knowledge designed to transform you and your practice.
Forty Years of Experience
Nothing succeeds like success! And after 40 years of successful clinical practice, Dr, Nichols has prepared an educational program designed to jump start your practice and equip you to meet today's unprecedented challenges. An expert in meaning-centered therapy, he will explain how to integrate this modality into your current practice seamlessly and effectively. Moreover, he will inspire and renew you dedication and resolve!

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With forty years of clinical  experience, and eight decades of living under his belt,  Dr. Nichols hits the ground running with unparalleled competence and compassion. Find out the depth and passion of his singular clinical qualifications. Don’t miss this moving video!

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How to Update Your Practice in 7 Days

Meaning-Centered Therapy


How to Use MEANING & Values to Transform Your Clients

All About Transformation


Forty Years of Practice Wisdom from Dr. Edward Nichols


How to Update Your Practice in 7 Days



How to Use MEANING & Values to Transform Your Clients


Forty Years of Practice Wisdom from Dr. Edward Nichols


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Frequently Asked Questions


This course is available to all who serve the public with counseling services including: psychiatrists, psychologist, social workers, counselors, clergy, coaches and others.

COVID-19, and its recurrence and aftermath, including worldwide economic and political problems, has caused an unprecedented increase in mental health problems across all age groups. This includes anxiety disorders, depression, suicide, and substance abuse.  The largest international study of its kind found that “meaning-centered” therapeutic interventions are required to address these problems.  This course will enable you to update your practice to meet these needs in as little as 7 days!

This is a self-paced course.  You may take as much time as your schedule permits. Some have completed the course in a quickly as seven days.

Each lesson includes a quiz and there is an extensive final exam. All quizzes and the final exam must be successfully completed.

Your instructor, Dr. Edward Nichols has developed a proprietary, teaching method quickly becoming the gold-standard of online education.  And though this is an online course, you are free to speak with Dr. Nichols by simply pressing the button on the bottom of this page and scheduling a phone call with Dr. Nichols.

Here is the workflow of the course: Each module contains several lessons. Each lesson contains a quiz and the student is required to answer each question correctly.  If the student fails to get 100% on the quiz, the correct answers are shown and the student may take the quiz again until they score 100%.  In this way the quizzes become a learning tool, rather than a pressure filled evaluation.

At the end of the course a final exam is given.  It is extensive and requires a score of 80% for the student to be certified and receive their certificate.  The test may be taken as many times as necessary, but this time the correct answers will not be given.  Each question, however, was once answered correctly by the student during the course.

Dr. Nichols’ proprietary teaching method not only guarantees that you will learn the skills to improve and update your practice, but it also does so in way that is interesting, easy, and promotes retention.

Simply email or call us and we will answer your question promptly.

No. The meaning centered perspective, and the techniques you will learn, fit well with almost all currently used therapies.

Logotherapy is a therapeutic system developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl, a Viennese psychiatrist and philosopher. Logotheraphy literally means “Meaning-Therapy” and the tenants of this therapeutic model are used throughout this course.

Yes, there is a substantial discount for group enrollment, depending on the size of the group.  Please contact us for details.

Simply email or call us and we will promptly and gladly walk you through any problem or concern that you may have.

Yes.  By simply pressing the button on the lower right-hand side of this page you can schedule a phone call with Dr. Nichols.

Yes, a complete refund, within 30 days, no questions asked.

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